Life, water, carbon and food topics constitute the major social and environmental issues of our time. My blog aims to take an environmental science interdisciplinary approach, incorporating the natural and social sciences to communicate ideas and analysis

Latest from the Blog

Beautiful plant bias

It has been reported in New Scientist that researchers have discovered that taller and prettier plants are more likely to be studied by botanists. Using a statistical model, these researchers found that physical appearance, colour, size and the height of its stems was the most important when explaining research interest among botanists. This research suggests … Continue reading Beautiful plant bias

Seapiracy – How can we make a difference?

Seaspiracy has been a huge success on Netflix. George Monbiot from the Guardian has rightly pointed out that that previous documentaries concerning the crisis in our oceans, such as the BBC’s Blue Planet 2, have neglected to mention the greatest cause of their ecological destruction: the fishing industry. This observation highlights how media influences are … Continue reading Seapiracy – How can we make a difference?


My name is Christopher Baker and I’m from Bristol, UK. I am a student of environmental science. I am fascinated by the different aspects of environmental science, natural and social. My aim in this blog is to publish my: Descriptions Interpretations Investigations Analysis Evaluations I aim to open debate, welcome feedback and inform readers regarding … Continue reading Hello!

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